Administrative Services Division

Public Liaison Section

The Public Liaison Section is responsible for the dissemination of internal and external communications, the release of news to all media outlets and the public, managing litigation, and providing legal services to the Sheriff’s Office. 

Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel manages litigation to which the Sheriff’s Office is a party, provides legal services to the Sheriff, Command Staff, and to rank-and-file employees, reviews and advises on the legal sufficiency of documents, policies, and programs, liaise with Judges, the Law Department, and outside counsel, manage storage and indexing of legal documents, provide legal training and advice on training materials, maintain compliance with statutory and regulatory mandates, and provides real-time legal advice during field operations and crisis situations.

Dan Mayfield |
Office: 770.822.383

Communications Unit

The Communications Unit is responsible for coordinating the Office response to media inquiries, assisting news personnel in covering routine news stories, acting as a liaison at major incident scenes, providing an on-call response to news media, and preparing and distributing news releases to include the internal communications between all Divisions.

Public Information Officers: